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Make an appointment

Telephone the surgery on 01387 267626 to organise an appointment

We offer a mixture of face-to-face appointments and telephone consultations. Lots of issues can be dealt with efficiently over the telephone, but if you need a physical examination please book a face-to-face appointment.

Both types of appointments are a limited amount of time, please try to keep one problem, one appointment if you have more than one need you can ask for a longer appointment.

Lots of conditions can be dealt with without the need to see a doctor.

The optician can deal with many eye problems, the community pharmacy can deal with many minor conditions, and both are free of charge and can be on the same day.

Pharmacy First at NHS has more information on services.

In the practice, we also have pharmacists, mental health nurses, a physiotherapist & Advanced Nurse Practitioners.

Booking appointments

To book an appointment, you can call the practice on 01387 267626.


Phone 999 if it's a medical emergency.

Out of hours

If you need help when our practice isn't open:

Keeping appointments

It's important that you keep to your appointments. You have rights and responsibilities as a patient. Find out more about the Charter of Patient Rights and Responsibilities on NHS inform.